#NextChat: Change Management

Join me Wednesday, November 28 at 3:00 pm EST for SHRM’s #NextChat!  Follow @WeKnowNext, me — @ChinaGorman — and hundreds of HR professionals and SHRM members for an interactive Tweet Chat.  Our topic is Change Management.  Follow the hashtag #nextchat and join in the conversation!

Here’s the deal:

You’re introducing a new software solution for…performance management, rewards and recognition, time and attendance management…your choice.  The solution will impact every employee.  You’re heading up the change management project.  What’s next?  Check out this post before you join us on the next #NextChat.

Change management model?  What’s your favorite?

  • Kotter
  • Lewin
  • McKinsey Seven S
  • Bridges

You have the project timeline.

You have the budget.

You have the communication plan.

What are you missing?

Here are the questions we’ll be discussing.  Give them some thought and join us!

Q1:         What’s your favorite change management model and why?

Q2:         What one thing would you recommend to others as the “make or break” piece of your successful change management project?

Q3:         What member of senior management is the most critical to have out in front of a change management process?

Q4:         How much time and $ should a change management plan focus on training?

Q5:         How do you know if your change management plan was successful?

Never been part of a Tweet Chat?  Then just lurk in the background as you follow this hashtag on Twitter:  #NextChat.  You’ll have fun — and learn a lot as well.

See you on Wednesday on the interwebs!


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