I Heart Recruiters!

I guess I’m an HR Conference junkie.  Because here I am at my first EREexpo and I’m lovin’ it!  (With apologies to McDonald’s.)

EREexpo is presented by the folks at ERE.net – led by David Manaster.  Because he knows I know HR conferences, he asked me if I had any suggestions for him.  And you know what?  I don’t.  He and his team have done a spectacular job.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s the best conference – altogether – that I’ve attended in the last 12 months.


The nearly 500 attendees are here to engage with the content and each other.  I’ve been to a lot of HR networking events in my time, and these recruiters and talent acquisition leaders know how to network.  At the jam-packed opening reception last night the connections and re-connections being made were a thing of beauty.  These folks came to meet their peers, share the latest in “what works” and help each other be more effective.  Aggressively open and supportive.

Speaker Selection:

I am absolutely impressed with the quality of the keynotes and breakout sessions.  The Keynotes are all practicing recruiting leaders.  Leaders of actual recruiting functions inorganizations.  Practitioners.  Organization leaders.  So their content is full of current examples of what their organizations are really doing in the field. These aren’t sales pitches from consultants or “motivational” stories.  Actual relevant and actionable content by practitioners in the field.

Breakout sessions – only three at a time – are also nearly all led by practicing recruiting leaders.  The consultants who are presenting are true thought leaders.

Social Media:

I am thrilled to see that all the keynotes and one session per breakout time is being live streamed for any interested viewer.  Free.  As in no cost.  How’s that for using the power of social media to strengthen a community and drive stickiness to a brand?  During coffee breaks the great Steve Boese from HR Happy Hour is streaming live interviews with speakers and other notable attendees to keep the content flowing between sessions.  A truly brilliant move on ERE’s part – and not just because I was one of the interviews.


This really caught my attention.  The ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards presentation took a 90 minute keynote slot.  There were 8 categories and representatives from the top 2 finalist organizations in each category were on the stage.  That’s 16 people sitting on the stage.  The winners and 1st runners up were announced live very attractive trophies were presented.  So far pretty normal.

Then the magic started.  The chair from last year’s conference moderated the winners and the audience in a panel Q&A/discussion session that let the audience look under the hood of the winning organizations’ strategies and tactics from the people who led the innovations.  I’ve never seen such engagement between a panel and an audience.  There were more questions than than time to answer.  (Of significant interest to the audience were the successes with putting wounded warriors to work at some very impressive organizations)  It was a very powerful session.


The Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego is a stellar conference property.  The conference rooms are set up classroom style with table covers – a very nice touch.  Very comfortable and accessible.  ERE sprang for complimentary WiFi throughout the venue for attendees – a meaningful differentiator.  Other conference organizers should note that feature.  The food is pretty good, the staff is extremely accommodating and the sleeping rooms are lovely.

What else can I tell you?  This conference is the complete package.  Excellent content from current practitioner/leaders, excellent social media approach, excellent execution on the logistics.

The most impressive things about this conference, though, are the attendees.




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9 responses to “I Heart Recruiters!

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  2. Great write-up and mirrors what I saw from the live stream. Only one thing though – it comes as a bonus when ERE springs for the WiFi? Surely that’s as mandatory as coffee and water at any conference these days, no?

  3. Matthew Jeffery

    And conference loved you China. 🙂

    It was a real honour to meet you

    Hurry on over to London.

  4. Geoff Webb

    We recruiters love you as well China, you should join us for Radical BC on June 14th in Vancouver and Radical Innovation in Sept, we would love to have you up.

  5. Hi China,
    I follow your posts about all the HR conferences and events you attend. Thanks for sharing your experiences, they are facinating.
    I couldn’t help comment, however, on the best conference you have attended in the last 12 months 🙂 Time and time again I review the agenda of HR events for some part of the content which relates to the HR role in the sustainability agenda of companies. In this particular case, values-based recruiting, ethics in the recruitment process, hiring for ethics, proactive recruiting for inclusion and diversity (as opposed to simply navigating legal issues related to discrimination) , leverage the sustainability agenda for competitive advantage in recruiting, recruiting as a way to connect with local community stakeholders etc do not appear on the agenda of this event. Probably because they are still not on the agenda of the HR function. I suggest that HR Managers are not living up to their responsibilities to deliver best recruitment results and contribute to sustainable business practices if they continue to ignore these aspects of recruitment or other aspects of sustainability and HR Management. As I think you may have heard me say time and time again: It is time for HR to wake up to HR! And it is time that HR conferences started to table Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability on their agendas as the way HR can and should contribute to sustainable business and a sustainable world.
    warm regards

    • I absolutely agree with you, Elaine, about the topics that should be covered at our conferences. No question. I was just thrilled to see that the presenters were primarily leaders/practitioners — not consultants, academics or “professional” speakers. A huge step for an HR conference. Now that we’re getting the right people speaking we can start to get the right topics covered! Thanks for reading the blog — I appreciate your support.

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